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What’s Up (or Down) Your Pipe?

Many industries, especially the food industry, would be living a much grimier life were it not for the humble pipe cleaner. They come as head-only attachments for long-reach cleaning of pipes and tubing, pipe cleaners with handles, and in all sorts of specialised forms, like tank cleaners too. With quality handled versions made without any joint between the head and handle, the pipe cleaner brush is a sturdy staple of hygienic food and other production everywhere.

With extra-stiff filaments in front, pipe cleaner heads make for quick and effective cleaning. A medium-bristled tube cleaner will typically have a bristle diameter of just over 100mm, making for a highly effective working surface as it folds and scrapes into tubes and pipes. Quality manufacturing is of utmost importance in these tools, as it’s a simple sum: the better the quality, the longer the useful (and good looking!) life. Most quality attachments such as pipe cleaners from Pescatech can withstand high temperatures well over 100° centigrade too..

Pescatech is a One-Stop-Shop

When it comes to workplace hygiene, Pescatech have you covered. We stock a detailed range of highly effective, quality-made utensils and supplies, from the simplest to fully automated hygiene solutions. When you’ve got pipes to scrub, make easy work of it-call on us to supply the right stuff at an affordable price, all with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re buying quality goods. Pescatech-we’re here to cater for your hygiene solutions!




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