307 x 140 x 100 mm

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A Simple, Efficient and Accessible Dispenser System.

H: 307, W: 140, D: 100 mm

Hand Hygiene Dispensers are an essential part of Successful Hygiene Systems. Almost all industrial and commercial processes require a certain level of hand hygiene. Easy to use, clean and maintain, the CombiPlum Dispenser can be a friendly and hard working addition to your Hand Hygiene setup.

The CombiPlum dispenser is a simple, effective and accessible hand hygiene solution to any shape or form of dispensary grievances.

The CombiPlum Dispensary bags are isolated from their surrounding environment; they are packaged in air-tight bags which
hang directly from their labels. This allows for easy insertion and ensures optimal emptying of the bag. Due to the airtight product packaging and plastic cover, bacterial growth or even the slightest contamination of your hand hygiene product is easily and successfully avoided.

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