Disinfector 85%


Available as Box of 8 x 1L Boxes

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The disinfectant is proficient at destroying bacteria and other unwanted microbes, as well as having a rejuvenating effect on your skin. (Thanks to the gel re-conditioner.)

A Disinfector for the Food Industry and any industry requiring a high standard of hygiene.

Disinfector supplied in cartons of eight (8) 1 liter Bag-in-Box dispensary containers

Please note: Individual items are not available. The carton in its entirety must be purchased.

The disinfector removes any threatening bacteria from your hands, preventing employees from acting as a bacterial  transport system. Ensuring your work space remains sterile and hygienic, allowing for a germ-free interaction with a germ-free environment.

The disinfector is suited for use within the MP2000 Dispenser Range. 


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