Eyewash Station


Incl. 200ml PH Neutral & 500ml Eyewash

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A Dust-proof on-hand eye-care wall station.

Dimensions: H: 260 W: 220 B:110 mm

1 x 500ml Plum Eye Wash,
1 x 200ml pH Neutral,
A mirror and pictogram for efficient & safe usage.

The wall station is suited for Industrial or any dusty work area. The Eyewash station provides a first aid solution to any eye injuries that may occur. Be that from debris or acids or alkalis entering an employees eye.

The wall station is airtight and made form shock-proof polystyrene, ensuring no debris find their way into the box and onto the contents. Ensuring your eye wash equipment remains isolated and hygienic for administration to any eye injuries.

The station is wall mounted, ensuring it is not hidden in a cupboard; Accessibility is key to ensuring prompt, immediate on-the-spot rinsing.

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