2C Squeegee Large


600 x 105 x 45 mm

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Hygienic Squeegee 600mm

Measurements: 600 x 105 x 45 mm

This Squeegee is identical to item 7713 except for its slightly greater length, allowing for greater efficiency on large surface areas.

It is best suited for large food production facilities on walk ways & large areas.

The double-blade design of this squeegee blade enables effective removal of water from all types of floors; tiles, epoxy, cement. The rubber is non-porous, making it an excellent hygienic option as bacteria & microorganisms are not able to easily gather upon it.

The blades are produced from a flexible, Phtalate free rubber, and are ideal for the food industry. Phtalates are chemicals used to soften rubber, however they are being phased out of use in the food industry (in U.S.A, Canada + European Union) due to associated health concerns.

The Squeegee blades may be easily replaced, creating a cost-effective option in the long-run.

Vikan Squeegee heads and their blades can withstand temperature variations from -20°C to 80°C

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