Premium Hand Cleanser


Available as Box of 8 x 1.4L Boxes

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A solvent free hand cleanser for the Fiercest hand dirt; mild in make-up, incredible in performance.

Plum Premium Hand Cleaner is supplied in cartons of eight (8) 1.4 litre Bag-in-Box dispensary containers.

Please note: Individual items are not available. The carton in its entirety must be purchased.

Premium is a lightly foaming and scented hand wash that manages to transform a normally unpleasant wash experience into an enjoyable one.

From diesel oil to paints and wood preservatives, Premium is up to any challenge. But not only will your hands be cleared of stubborn matter, your pores will be cleansed and cared for; resulting in Hydrated and Happy Hands.

You can go from cleaning an engine to changing a nappy with just a premium wash in-between.

The Bag-in-Box packaging is designed for the MP2000 dispenser range.

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