Towel Paper XB2


Food Grade. For Sense and Touch Towel

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Blue Food Grade Multi Roll Paper Towel.

Supplied in 5 x 145 metre rolls of 2-ply paper towel.

This paper towel is like a disposable cloth. Hygienic yet Ragged.  The towel has wet tear strength, which ensures it does not break in your wet hands.

The XB2 towel is in compliance with the rules of the European Parliament on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.See Certificates for the applicable documentation.

This means that the use of the Multi Roll Paper Towel XB2 to dry employee’s hands does not result in residue on users’ hands after drying. Leaving hands clean, hygienic and able to work wherever required.

For use within the Hagleitner Sense Towel Dispenser.

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