Waterfed Washing Broom


280 x 100 x 120 mm

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Waterfed Washing Broom

Produced from Polypropylene with Soft split end bristles produced from polyesterand a soft rubber edge

Measurements: 280 x 100 x 120 mm
Filament Lenght: 50 mm

This Brush is suitable for cleaning of Trucks and Motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes. The brush is waterfed which, when paired up with a waterfed handle, creates a cleaning item ideal for the removal of stubborn dirt and matter yet does not damage the surface at hand due to the split brisltes and the gentle clean they provide.

The split-end bristles also allow enable greater water-retention and as a result can save large amounts of water.

The brush has a soft rubber edgeing which serves to protect surfaces from damage.

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