Xibu Sense Disinfect


277 x 135 x 108 mm

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The Xibu Sense Disinfect is a Touchless Disinfectant Dispenser from Hagleitner.

Dimensions: H: 277, W: 135, D: 108 mm

Equipped with a motion detector, the Sense Disinfect is an instant Dispenser of Hygiene.

Through extensive research and development, Hagleitner has produced a Disinfectant Dispenser to complement their market leading disinfectants.

The Disinfectant travels via an air-tight path to your hands, preventing any chance of contamination from residual build-up. However, if this were to happen, the disinfectant would deal with any threats to the hygiene of the dispenser.

This Xibu Dispenser has an adjustable quanitity discharge, to allow for measurable usage and consumption. To prevent disruption, the Dispenser has a reserve tank and an LED display to notify you of a depleting Disinfectant.

The Xibu Sense Disinfect Dispenser is power by 2 packs of C-Batteries by default, or a power supply may be installed.

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