Xibu Touch Tissue Paper


2 x W2 Rolls

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The Xibu Touch Paper Tissue Dispenser is a manual Toilet Paper dispenser.


H: 323, W: 170, D: 170 mm


The XIBU Touch Tissue Dispenser has a unique spring loaded mechanism that builds up tension whilst toilet paper is being withdrawn, allowing for easy tearing.


This mechanism encourages minimal usage of toilet paper, saving in consumption and extending the life of consumables. The dispenser also has sufficient capacity for two Multi Roll toilet paper rolls, making it seem to just not run out of toilet paper.


All Hagleitner towel and tissue dispensers are equipped with the unique Hagleitner Dual-roll system. A mechanism that enables the dispenser to automatically engage the 2nd roll of toilet paper once the first has been depleted, without manual intervention.


Another contributing factor to everlasting toilet paper is that each refill of Multi Roll Toilet Paper is equal to 8 standard toilet paper rolls.


The dispenser is lockable to ensure that both rolls are used where they ought to.

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