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Understand our product specifications

Let’s, for example, say you’d like to order a Yellow Hand Scrub Brush...

Hand Scrub Brush

  • To order a product in the desired colour, specify the product code (in this case 3890), followed by the desired colour number. (e.g. Yellow = 6), therefore 38906
  • The format is consistent throughout, except for products without colour variations.
  • Note that not all handles fit all items – see available adapters on page 38.


S Soft M Medium H Hard OR S Small M Medium L Large

Heat-resistant: products are resistant to hot surfaces e.g. grills and heat sealers.

SF Split filament: provides a thorough and effective clean without damaging surfaces, as well as greatly enhancing the water holding capacity of the brushware, enabling large amounts of water saving.


Product proudly produced in South Africa. Only products listed with this logo are proudly produced in South Africa.


Throughout the catalogue, we have made use of QR codes. These codes provide supplementary information relating to the product listed. QR Codes can be scanned using a QR reader application; available for download in Google Play Store & Apple APP.


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