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Crate Washer


300 Crates/Hour

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Crate Washing Machine

This is a washine machine for crates and is capable of washing 300 crates an hour.

The machine has two stages;
the first, of wich makes use of a recirculating water system, washes the crates with hot water. The water can be heated via two means, steam or electrical elements – either can be ordered.
The water is stored in a 200 L tank which passes through a triple filtration system after use.
The second, is the rinse process, this is done via water from the mains. Total loss of water occurs.

There are 58 nozzles (detachable) that clean the crates.

Length: 3 285 mm
Height: 1 520 mm
Depth: 1 150 mm

Coding for Steam or Electrical Elements:
Steam: 3706
Electrical Elements: 3665

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