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Xibu Sense Foam


2 x C Pack Batteries

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The Revolutionary Xibu Sense Foam Soap Dispenser from Hagleitner.

Dimensions: H: 277, W: 135, D: 108mm

A sophisticated design with innovative hygienic features results in an aesthetically and economically pleasing soap dispenser.

The dispensing quantity is adjustable to the needs of your working environment. Allowing for calculable soap consumption, bringing measurability to consumables which have a tendency to disappear almost unaccounted for.

The Dispenser has an electronic fill-level indicator; to ensure refilling occurs on time and soiled hands don’t slip through your hygiene net. But should this warning go unnoticed, there is a Reserve tank to ensure hygienic hands prevail.

The Hagleitner Sense Foam is the only dispenser on the market with a reserve tank; with a capacity of up to 30 uses (depending on your predetermined amount of soap dispensed).

The dispenser may be powered by either 2 Packs of C batteries or the Sense Foam & Disinfect Power Supply. Please not for battery use, no additional accessories are required.

The Dispenser is also lock-able, allowing for secure storage.

The Sense Foam is best suited for the following products:
Foam Soap
Sept Foam Soap

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