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Towel Paper X2


For Sense and Touch Towel
Available as Box of 5 x 160m/Roll


Multi Roll Paper Towel

Supplied in sets of 5 x 160 metres per roll, the Hagleitner X2 Paper Towel takes up less storage space and lasts for considerably longer than standard paper towels.

X2 Paper Towel is used within the Hagleitner Sense Towel Dispenser, whose Dual Roll Dispensary system is a space and time saver of note. Due to the automatic replacement of empty towels throught the Dual-Roll Dispensary mechanism, the Dispenser allows you to store Paper Towels within it. Allowing the use of less storage space and the hassle of having to frequently replace consumables.

Hagleitner also provides Food Grade Paper Towels which are tear resistant.

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