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QuickFix Metal Detect


Includes 2 Detectable Plaster Refills

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The QuickFix Detectable Plaster Dispenser offers Accessible, Innovative wound solutions.

Dispenser Dimensions: H: 135 W: 230 mm

The QuickFix Blue Dectectable Plaster dispenser offers a technologically advanced and unique first aid solution.

The Blue Metal Detectable Plasters are manufactured with a highly visible blue metal surface, allowing them to be traced with the use of a metal detector. The plasters are also produced from water resistant PE material. The plaster conforms to the movement of your skin; resulting in a comfortable, skin friendly plaster, that allows your skin to breath. This in turn ensures clotting and scabbing of the wound occurs, enabling rapid healing, whilst being isolated from your working environment, allowing work to continue as normal.

These factors make them imperative to environments which carry hazards of minor flesh wounds and product with which workers interact with intimately.
The Metal Detectable and highly visible aspect of the plaster makes it hard to miss. If a plaster were to break slightly or fall into the product at hand, it may be spotted by eye or with the aid of a metal detector.

The dispenser has a capacity of 90 plasters. (2 refill units)

Refill Options:
Detectable Plasters: 5513
Long Detectable Plasters: 5509 

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