• Wall/Floor Washing Brush

    This floor scrubbing broom has firm bristles. The bristle length is perfect for scrubbing all types of floors; epoxy, tiles, cement etc. It also reaches well into holes and grouting to remove hidden dirt.

  • Hand Brush

    This multi-purpose brush has stiff angled bristles to facilitate scrubbing tables, conveyor belts, chopping boards, buckets, large scales bowls and equipment where it is necessary to reach into corners. At the one end of the brush you have even harder filaments, which facilitates loosening more stubborn dirt.

  • Ultra Hygiene Squeegee

    Ultra hygienic fully moulded single bladed squeegee with a soft and flexible blade which is easy to keep completely clean. Ideal for removing excess water and food debris from food preparation surfaces.

  • Utility Brush

    This is the work horse of the Vikan range. It has a comfortable grip allowing you to work for long periods of time. The hard bristle makes this your choice when a washing action is needed. It is suitable for use on all types of equipment, tables and walls. You can use the brush holding both the grip or grasp the brush head to give a better feeling of your cleaning.

  • Pipe Brush

    Manufactured with no joint between the handle and brush head, the brush removes a common repository of dirt/food contaminants. When cleaning, it’s the brush filament tips that do most of the cleaning. The brush head features extra-stiff filaments at the front, enabling you to clean more quickly and effectively.

  • Hand Brush

    The head of this brush has angled bristle which reaches perfectly into corners. It has a small scraper at the tip to loosen stubborn dirt. The raised angle of the grip promotes quick and effective cleaning because your hand and arm are in the ergonomically correct position.

  • Pad Holder

    An excellent tool for cleaning walls and tanks. Often used to scrub stubborn dirt e.g. pastry, meat, sticky glucose type ingredients. The swivel neck allows the operator to clean underneath equipment. It is designed to hold a scouring pad of varying roughness. The clip mechanism is stainless steel and is very robust. This mechanism prevents the pad from falling off once heavy with water.

  • Mopframe, Hook & Loop

    Vikan Ergoclean Velcro Mop Frame to be used with all 40cm Velcro Mops and the ergonomic handles for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings.