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Viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens are everywhere we look – even if we cannot see them. This makes the fight against outbreaks in the workplace almost impossible to win without the proper precautions in place. Hands, in particular, are one way in which these pathogens spread, transferring germs onto surfaces such as door handles, elevator buttons, and even money. While handwashing is encouraged, touching faucet handles themselves poses its own risk. The solution? Motion-sensing, touchless sanitiser dispensers.

Xibu Sense Disinfect – Austrian Innovation at its Best

As far as sanitiser dispensers go, Austrian family-owned company, Hagleitner, has introduced one of the best products currently on the market. The Xibu Sense Disinfect has been superbly designed to be both economical and efficient, dispensing the right amount of sanitiser without wastage. This top-grade design offers airtight dispensing and has been successfully used in hospitals and medical environments in which hygiene is a top priority.

Three Design Options to Suit Your Needs

Xibu Sense Disinfect Touchless dispensers come in three functional designs that can be placed anywhere in a company, home, hospital, or institution.

  • Option 1: Xibu disinfectWALL –Complete with a drip tray for installations against walls to protect the floor from any dripping liquid.
  • Option 2: Xibu disinfectTABLE – A tabletop stand with a drip tray that is ideal for counters, front desks, and bars where the product can stand independently of support.
  • Option 3: Xibu disinfectFLOOR – Portable hand sanitisation is possible with this three-part set, which includes a dispenser and drip tray, table stand, and floor stand.

Applications for Xibu Sense Disinfect touchless dispensers include hotel lobbies, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, gyms, retirement homes, and shared living spaces. The Xibu Sense Towel paper towel dispenser is another fantastic touchless product which helps to curb the spread of germs and keep your environment clean.

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