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Quality Brooms Are A Basic But Essential Hygiene Requirement

Although the cordless vacuum cleaner may have been steadily replacing the use of brooms on the domestic scene, the same cannot be said for some of the country’s most important industries. While these labour-saving devices may be ideal for helping homeowners keep their carpets looking good and free of dust mites, there are some cleaning tasks for which neither the cyclonic suction cleaners nor the rotating-brush machines are sufficiently effective.

Within the food-and-beverage industry, the need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene goes without saying. Just removing all traces of surface dust is simply not good achieve those standards. Instead, the need is for deep cleaning. In such cases, the use of brooms will often be the most effective option. These are not the domestic variety with animal bristles, broomcorn, or other natural fibres, but more robust products made from more appropriate materials like polypropylene, polyester, and stainless steel.

Because these products are frequently used to clean up food spillages that could harbour human pathogens, the use of synthetic materials, which are resistant to a wide range of temperature, means that they can safely be sterilised in an autoclave. The brooms manufactured by the world-renowned Danish hygiene company, Vikan, can be found in dairies, abattoirs, food-processing plants, restaurants, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals – in fact, wherever extreme hygiene may be a critical requirement.


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