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Tough, Hygienic Buckets for The Professional Cleaner

The professional cleaning industry has been expanding steadily for a number of years. In South Africa, as in most industrialised nations, third-party cleaning services have become indispensable to many businesses whose management have chosen not to engage full-time employees to undertake this essential task.

While it is obviously important for a cleaning company to ensure that its operatives are thoroughly trained in all aspects of their job, it is just as essential to provide them with the best tools with which to perform the various tasks required of them. Though the quality and design of buckets intended for use in the home may not be too important, professional cleaners need to be more particular in their choice. First, long hours of continuous use, day after day, means their need is for a product that is tough enough to stand up to this kind of treatment for as long as possible. Second, and no less important, the product itself must also be easy to clean.

To meet these criteria, the best option will be to seek vessels made from a synthetic polymer. Unlike metal buckets, they will not dent, are resistant to the corrosion due to chemical cleaning products, and are markedly lighter in weight. The typically smooth surface provided by synthetic materials such as polypropylene also meets the aforementioned need for ease of cleaning. Also, if it should become necessary, because the polymer is capable of withstanding temperatures of between -20 and +120 °C, these vessels are even suitable for steam sterilisation.

The Danish manufacturer, Vikan, is known throughout the professional cleaning world and the food-and-beverage industry for its world-class hygiene products. As well as producing brooms, brushes, mops, dustpans, and other related products, the company also offers a range of sturdy polypropylene buckets in a choice of colours and with a capacity of 25 litres. Among the other Vikan janitorial products available to the cleaning industry are some handy single- and double-bucket trolleys with built-in wringers.  




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