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At Pescatech, it’s not just cleaning solutions and top-quality products that we’re passionate about.
We’re also dedicated to helping communities, supporting vital causes and, of course, doing what we
can to protect our environment too!

Please see below some of the worthy causes that we at Pescatech support.

Anti Animal Cruelty League Cape Town

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AACL Cape Town is made up of 2 branches and provides a wide variety of services to disadvantaged communities. The prevention of nosocomial infection and cross contamination is of great priority to their patients. The Epping branch is also the only welfare in the area that has a fully functional isolation ward for Parvo-virus cases.

Anti Animal Cruelty League Cape Town is continually trying to improve quality of hygiene and care at their hospital. In order to increase the effectiveness of their decontamination, they make use of various cleaning products and equipment and desperately needed replacements.

Pescatech jumped at the opportunity to donate a bunch of hygiene equipment (buckets, mops, scoops and squeegees.) as keeping the equipment at high standard prevents the cross contamination of high to low risk area and ultimately protect patients from contagious pathogens that can potentially cause kennel cough, parvo, distemper, snuffles and other life threatening diseases.

Thank you AACL for being the angels to so many helpless animals. We are so grateful for everything you do!

Social Responsibility

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