St Joseph’s Home

Social Responsibility

October 2017 | Friday 13:54

Another incredibly worthwhile organisation that we at Pescatech were privileged to support this year is St Joseph’s Home. They provide full time, and free, medical and rehabilitative care for children who suffer from chronic and debilitating illnesses – and even have a school, OT facilities and a church on site as well. St Joseph’s truly believe in looking after the children in a holistic manner.

So, along with a substantial donation of textbooks and reading books from Boston Private School, we at Pescatech visited St Joseph’s to donate a wide variety of cleaning equipment and supplies to the value of R8000. But making a donation wasn’t all we did at the home… we were also challenged by the kids to a soccer match – and, boy, did we give them a run for their money! Of course, we’re looking forward to the re-match as well as to supporting St Joseph’s in the future.


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