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Forty years after the initial product launch Toolflex has gone from a simple idea to a smart system. Manufactured in Sweden, products have continuously developed both in terms of design and materials. In order to maintain the highest quality standards and adapt to ever changing market needs in specifically the hygiene industry.

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Equipment storage and organisation does not need to be complicated. Ingenious design is all that’s needed to simplify your everyday life.

“Toolflex One is designed to be the ultimate tool holder system. It is the result of advanced production technology, Scandinavian design and above all a comprehensive focus on hygiene and user-friendliness.”

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Shadow Boards

Our 5S Shadow boards provide a simple and easy to follow identification system to help you maintain a safe an efficient workplace. You can choose from our standard range or we can fully customize a shadow board layout to your exact specifications.

Keep your Equipment Organised.

Embodying 5S methodology, shadow boards greatly enhance your implementation of the principles of HACCP, decreasing the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Sort: Save time, as tools are ready, accessible and always in the same place.
  • Streamline: Tools cannot be lost if rules are abided by, saving on replacements.
  • Shine: Clean completely and maintain a high standard of hygiene.
  • Standardise: Set the procedural norms required for excellence in particular environments.
  • Sustain: Ensure the quality of work is maintained in the long-term.
  • They may be customised for Food Contact, Floor Contact, Allergen Control, Glass Breakage and off-Floor Contact environments.
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Locking Mechanisms

Control, protect and ultimately maintain your cleaning equipment with the aid of locking mechanisms. Perfect for safekeeping off the floor, yet visible, making it quick and easy to see if something is missing or damaged.

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