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The Benefit of Microfibre for Mops and Mop Cloths

Mops have been part of daily cleaning rituals across all cultures and creeds for hundreds of years. Thankfully, because of extensive research in the medical sciences and the discovery of the importance of clean, sterile surroundings in order to ward off germs and other parasites, the materials used for cleaning mops have advanced in leaps and bounds.

In the last few decades, it has been found that it is not always the amount or length of strands in a mop’s weave that does the deep cleaning in sterile environments but rather the ability to reach difficult-to-reach places where dust, dirt, and germs tend to collect.

A Giant Leap Forward in Infection Control with Mops

With the invention of microfibre mop cloths, their importance in infection-control management was discovered. Microfibre mops outpace even the most effective cotton products in the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases by reaching into the most difficult cracks and crevices and by the reduction of contact with pathogenic microbes, which certain cotton mops tend to attract.

Microfibre fabric is made up of polyester and nylon (also known as a polyamide). The fibre is split many times thinner than a human hair, producing a material that is incredibly absorbent. Technically, a microfibre is measured as a fibre that is 1,0 denier or thinner. The thinner the measurement is, the more effective the fibre becomes, so manufacturers have to be precise in determining what the exact denier measurement is for the task that the mops will be used for.

More Benefits of Metrical Mop Cloths

According to a study at the University of Massachusetts, yet another benefit of this microfibre fabric was found. When damp or wet, the completed fabric can absorb up to eight times their weight in contaminated water and cleaning chemicals, leading to less cleaning chemicals and water usage. It also eliminates the need to wring out the dirty slurry unlike the heavier cotton mops.

When dry, the fibres are so thin that they will generate static electricity charges, which are strong enough to attract dry dirt and dust rather than just moving it around or dispersing it back into the surrounding atmosphere. 

At another study undertaken by the University of California, it has been proven that microfibre mops pick up more bacteria than suitably comparable products. The microfibre fabric with its tighter weave and superior denier measurements collected up to 99% of bacteria versus a 30% pick up comparison to its closest competitor.

Pescatech – We Can Show You the Benefits

In October 2021, we at Pescatech were proud to launch our new and improved Olympic Mop Frame, which was introduced in a twelve-colour range and was completely compatible with our existing, superior Microfibre Mop Cloths range. Our mop cloths guarantee an accurate removal of the most stubborn dirt. If you need it, we’ll have it!

Try Pescatech and become part of our community of loyal repeat customers and clean freaks! Contact us today for more information.

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