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Whether you work in the service and hospitality industry or within an industrial environment such as a factory, hygiene is of the utmost importance. A single employee who does not follow through on proper hygiene protocols can cause cross-contamination that is harmful to clients, customers, or consumers of your product. Disinfectants freely available in and around workplace environments are therefore exceptionally vital.

A modern cleaning regime includes more than just cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. It also entails encouraging staff and employees to keep their hands clean – even while wearing gloves. Our range of Disinfector 85% Gel is available in a carton of eight one-litre boxes, or in a box of six one-litre bags. Our one-litre boxes are suited for use within the MP2000 Dispenser range, while the one-litre bags are suited for the CombiPlum dispenser. As far as sanitisers go, our Disinfector 85% Gel is proficient at destroying both bacteria and unwanted microbes, which ensures employees do not unknowingly harbour and transport harmful germs around products and environments. Unlike other sanitisers known to dry out skin, this range of disinfectants rejuvenates and soothes the skin thanks to the gel re-conditioner. This means staff can use it as often as needed without the fear of dry or burning hands.

When it comes to hygiene solutions, we at Pescatech have your best interests in mind. To order your sanitiser dispensers or disinfectants today, get in touch with us for world-class assistance.




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