The prevention of eye injuries in the workplace

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February 2019 | Tuesday 10:17

There are multiple regulations in place to prevent occupational injuries in the workplace – including ocular injuries, regardless these injuries are still happening a lot more often than necessary. Many occupational eye injuries could lead to permanent injury or in the most severe cases, blindness.

South Africa, still considered to be a developing country and therefore has limited access to healthcare resources and medical attention for those most in need. This can lead to employees and employers being greatly affected, after all extended days off from work and medical claims aren’t beneficial to any business

Making sure that the workspace is safe can benefit all parties involved. Each industry will have their own set of safety regulations. In order to ensure you are complaint with these regulations you can contact your labour lawyer or take a look at the requirements as set out by the department of labour.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

Below are 5 general steps on how to ensure that you have measures in place to prevent eye injuries.

  1. Environmental Assessment

Assessing the environment and identifying possible eye hazards can assist in ensuring that there is proper planning in the fight to preventing eye related injuries. With the necessary knowledge of the area you are working in and the dangers associated with this you put yourself in a better position of preventing possible accidents.

  1. Personnel Assessment

Offer regular eye testing to employees.  Although this may cost you money, this will vastly reduce the chance of employees obtaining ocular injuries due to previous problems regarding their eye sight.


  1. Participation in Safety programs

Knowledge is power. Educating employees in terms of prevention, risk and what to do should they find themselves or a fellow employee in a situation of an eye injury, they assist in managing the situation and reducing the risk of permanent eye damage. All safety programs should be compulsory for employees.


  1. Emergencies

Preparation is key. Accidents will happen and it will most likely be at the most inconvenient time make sure you are ready should they come knocking. This will help deal with the problem, effectively minimising risk for employee and employer.


  1. Refreshment: Run through these strategies with employees on a regular basis – repetition will keep safety regulations fresh in everyone’s mind leading to a safety conscious work environment for all.

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