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Hygiene Is No Problem for Those with The Right Solutions

Whether in the home, a restaurant, a factory, an elevator, travelling on public transport, or just visiting the washroom at work, we are constantly exposed to contaminated surfaces. Every time we touch something, we both leave some of our own germs behind on it and acquire some new ones and while most of these are harmless commensal organisms, the occasional pathogen could trigger an epidemic. It is fortunate, therefore, that for each of the above situations, and wherever this type of risk may occur, there are now some highly effective hygiene solutions.

One of the more obvious locations that pose a health risk is the washroom. Not only does it require regular sanitising but, it must be kept equipped with all the various accessories and cleansing materials for personal use. For obvious reasons, roller towels are now a thing of the past and have been replaced by either paper alternatives or wall-mounted hand dryers, while liquid soaps delivered by dispensers have also replaced the less hygienic solid bars. Providing that all items are of a suitably high quality, the addition of air fresheners, toilet paper and, ideally, some sort of hand disinfectant should serve to complete a comprehensive and effective hygiene solution for everyone using the facility, and should be considered as integral to the basic requirements for health and safety.

When the workday is over for some, it is often just beginning for others such as janitors and the staff of professional cleaning companies. It is the late-night activities of such personnel that are responsible for the clean floors and the dazzling chrome-work that greet the returning staff of shopping malls and their first customers each morning. To do the best possible job, they require the best possible tools to perform their various daily sweeping, swabbing, and mopping routines. As well as brooms, mops, and bucket trolleys, they also require squeegees, cloths, and window-cleaning equipment to complete the range of hygiene solutions they provide for commercial clients.

Not all cleaning tasks can be tackled with a broom or a mop, however. For more demanding tasks such as washing of machinery and vehicles, or where an entire facility may need to be thoroughly cleansed from floor to ceiling, the need is for heavy-duty tools. Where buckets and mops would be impractical, foam sprayers and hoses will often be the answer. In those cases where the soiling is particularly intense, a hose might need to be fitted with a blasting nozzle. For cleansing on an industrial scale, rinse and sanitise nozzles, waterguns, assorted couplings, and hose reels are just a few of the accessories required to provide effective hygiene solutions.

It goes without saying that if these cleansing activities are to be effective, only by employing the highest quality products can one guarantee this. In South Africa, one company has embarked on a mission to learn about the cleansing requirements of all markets and to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field. All the items above and more are available from Pescatech and have been chosen to meet the high standards of quality necessary to ensure safe and effective cleaning solutions, wherever this is an essential requirement.




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