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Industrial Drains for Various Industries

Although we are grateful whenever the rain falls in our semi-arid land, and for the convenience of having water piped into our homes, we seldom give much thought to our drainage systems. These are the installations that ensure used or excess water can eventually be returned to the environment, suitably treated and re-utilised. However, these systems are also necessary for hygienic reasons and just as they are important in our homes, there is an even greater need for industrial drains within the various industries upon which the needs of consumers and the nation’s economy depend.

Wherever liquids are employed, there is always the possibility of spillages. In the home, we may simply resort to a bucket and mop to deal with an accidental spill or perhaps a wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner if the surface is carpeted. However, there are many situations in which it is both safer and far more efficient to install a permanent drainage system in the floor. With suitable industrial drains in place, it becomes far simpler for those industries in which spillages tend to occur quite frequently to manage them efficiently.

While the hygienic benefits of effective drains are important in any scenario, for the manufacturers of food and beverages, healthcare establishments, and in hotel and restaurant kitchens, they can be crucial. It does not take long for bacteria to establish themselves in spilt nutrients and, if it is too difficult to deal with spills quickly, the risk of contamination is considerably higher. In processed-food factories, commercial kitchens, hospitals, and a number of other industries, efficient industrial drainage systems are a key requirement.

Furthermore, because of their role in ensuring a hygienic environment, they must not only be designed to handle large quantities of liquid and to dispose of them quickly, they must also be easy to clean after use. For this reason, they should be constructed from high-quality stainless steel. Not only is this an exceptionally tough metal and easy to clean, but it is also highly resistant to corrosion and so, when used to provide drainage, it will not be affected by any acidic or caustic content that may be present in a spillage.

The anti-corrosive properties of stainless steel are equally important to the integrity of industrial drains for various other industries. These include chemical plants and pharmaceutical companies. In the latter instance, of course, a stringently hygienic environment is also a crucial requirement.

In addition to the basic components such as channels and pipes, a drainage system will often need to handle solids or grease that may be present in a spill. In a busy kitchen, these could quickly build up and lead to blockages that could cause flooding. To prevent this, the manufacturers of industrial drains provide various accessories for use in such cases, These include strainers to retain particles of food and specially-designed traps that ensure grease can be retained and then disposed of safely rather than contributing to the formation of a huge fat build-up in the sewage system.

With hygiene and customer service as its cornerstones, Pescatech has been supplying, installing, and maintaining high-quality stainless-steel industrial drainage systems and various accessories for numerous industries in South Africa for almost 25 years.




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