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Professional shovels

Your hygienic choice for the workplace.

Vikan’s shovel range meets the high quality standards characterized by extremely durable products, which in the long term provide best value for money.


  • Curved in 2 positions. The handle of Vikan’s hygiene shovel is curved in 2 positions. This raises the handle by 8 cm in exactly the two places where the user places his hand.
  • Special scraping edge. The shovel blade has a special scraping edge to ensure easy removal of stubborn dirt and shovelling from the floor.
  • The grip. The width and thickness of the grip results in a minimum strain on the small muscles ind the hand.
  • The handle. Ergonomic handle is strengthened by an alu-tube inside the plastic.
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Ergonomic shovel

Suitable for moving large amounts of food waste or food ingredients.
Ergonomically designed to improve the working position of the user, shovels are stable and ideal when working on/from
the floor.

Available in a green, blue, red, white, yellow, purple, black

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Shovel with drain holes

The holes enable the water or liquid to drain quickly from the food products. Suitable for all industries.

Available in white only, 56035

Note: All shovels come in different sizes

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Hygienic Shovels 

The handle of Vikan’s ergonomic shovels is designed with maximum flexibility resulting in minimum strain on the muscles. The size also ensures that the hand fits comfortably into the grip.

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One Piece Shovel D Grip

Lightweight and durable shovel. Its one piece construction eliminates areas where bacteria can be harboured. Smooth surface makes it extremely easy to clean, ideal for use in food production areas for moving food ingredients or large quantities of food waste.

Available in a green, blue, red, white, yellow, purple, black (depending on size).

Note: Shovels come in different sizes.


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