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The Vikan Transport Range

Advanced cleaning tools for the any industry

Vikan designs cleaning products with you in mind and partnering with transport industry professionals to develop and refine the Transport range.

Innovations such as rubber edges to prevent paint scratches, and telescopic handles that ensure longer reach so it’s easier to clean large vehicles.

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Interior Brush, 155 mm, Medium, Black

Interior Brush made from natural hair, used best for dusting dashboards, instrument panels, switch housings and air
ventilation outlets.

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Nail Brush, 120 mm, Hard

Durable nail brush which is also ideal for use as an upholstery and carpet
cleaning brush.

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Wipe-N-Shine, 450 mm, Green

Effectively removes water residue and limescale deposits from washed and painted surfaces.

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Aluminium Handle, waterfed,
Q-coupling + on/off, 1575 mm, Black

This ergonomic handle with water channel is made of aluminium with sturdy shockproof and grip-friendly plastic for comfortable and functional use.

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Aluminium telescopic waterfed handle
w/click fit, 1600 mm, Black

Aluminium telescopic waterfed handle w/Click coupling. Use this with our waterfed brush heads.


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