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Pescatech®’s range of heavy duty wash-down accessories includes waterguns, couplings and fittings and hoses, designed to handle the demands of food processing and industrial applications.

The ability to use water economically is highly important and the Vikan Foam Concept ensures that water is not wasted and may be used when required.

Controlling water usage with Watertight Water Control

The Vikan Heavy Duty Watergun is a game changer. Enabling high quality water distribution within a durable casing, it is able to withstand tough environments and ensure efficient water consumption.

Industrial Hose Reels of the Highest Quality.

Manufactured and imported from Italy, Ecodora’s wide range of high-quality industrial hose reels and hoses are as effective as they are easy to use.

Store your hoses off the ground and out of the way, yet easy to find, while protecting it from twisting. A top-quality retractable coil spring ensures that the hosereel remains maintenance free. This cost-effective solution ensures your hose lasts longer.



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