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If you haven’t heard the name Vikan before, we’ve got good news for you. The Vikan name is synonymous with highly durable, effective cleaning equipment, and the name has been built on top of nothing but smart design and quality manufacturing. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference might be between the domestic version of cleaning equipment and commercial gear-Vikan South Africa is it.

Bold colouring, with smooth and fully optimised ergonomic design, makes Vikan stand apart. Solid and durable, Vikan cleaning equipment is known for its long-term industrial application-this is cleaning equipment designed to work.  How good is Vikan? Well, how good would you imagine cleaning equipment to be that comes from a producer with their own resident microbiologist and food hygiene specialist? That’s the kind of research and development that has gone into making the Vikan range exceptional in South Africa and around the world.

PescatechWe Are Vikan South Africa

Being robust and sleek in design isn’t enough for any range of cleaning solutions, but therein lies another of Vikan’s strengths: it’s a huge range that covers just about any possible cleaning task’s tool requirements and then some. A detailed and comprehensive range greets Vikan customers, and coding equipment on the shop floor, by coding for use or station, is easier with the Vikan approach to colour. Companies have the joy of knowing every single function within their production is being met with a superb range of cleaning tools that maintain hygienic standards.

When Vikan is combined with Pescatech’s service ethic and affordable pricing, there simply is no reason any company must make do with unsuitable lightweight kits and/or too frequent replacement costs that are extraneous to the budget. Professional environments call for professional solutions, and when broom strokes or wiping actions are being repeated hundreds or thousands of times in a day, The Vikan range from Pescatech will make a huge difference in effect and man-hours spent. Call on Pescatech and we’ll supply a tailored Vikan solution to all of your cleaning needs, and you can make the power of Vikan South Africa all yours.




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