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If surfaces don’t scare you by now, it probably never will. In 2020, we’ve all been warned against the spread of COVID-19 and the dangers of touching uncleaned surfaces, particularly when we’re out in public. Not to mention the dangers of touching food when we’re out doing essential grocery shopping with everyone else.

How can food suppliers reassure their clients that they’re going that extra mile for everyone’s safety? They can invest in hygiene technology, like automated hygiene solutions. By investing in automated hygiene solutions, you are making a strong statement that you are committed to your customers’ health and safety. 

Putting Health and Safety First

To put shoppers at ease and allow for optimal food safety, Pescatech provides automated hygiene solutions for hands, boots, and crates! We even have a product that can do your employees’ hands and boots in one go, of which you can learn more here.

Another way to control and guarantee the washing and sanitising of all employees’ hands before entering the workspace is through the use of a Sanicompact or a Sanicompact Plus. What sets this product apart from any other is that a turnstile door will allow access only to those employees that have washed, rinsed, and sanitised both hands.

If you’re a food supplier and haven’t looked into it yet, now is the time to explore your options of automated hygiene solutions.




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