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World-Class Hygiene Products for the Food-and-Beverage Industry

We are fortunate to live in an enlightened age in which the dangers of contaminants in food and the need for effective hygiene products are widely recognised and taken seriously. Even so, it is less than two years since an outbreak of listeriosis affected 1060 people in South Africa of which 216 lost their lives. This was an avoidable tragedy that serves as a powerful reminder of the constant need for preventative measures within the nation’s food-and-beverage industry.

The bulk preparation of food, whether in a processing plant or a busy restaurant, demands exceptional levels of personal and environmental hygiene using products that can be relied upon to maintain those levels. Repeated handling, often by a succession of different personnel, poses a risk, as do the work surfaces and general surroundings in the various preparation areas.

Pathogenic bacteria, however, are not the only potential source of danger. For those with an allergy to shellfish, eggs, or dairy products, the dangers resulting from accidental cross-contamination of a product with these allergens can only be avoided by responsible cleaning with premium hygiene products.

High-quality sterilisable scoops and measuring jugs for preparation, as well as cleaning equipment such as pressures hoses, water guns, scrapers, foam sprayers, brushes of various shapes and sizes, brooms, mops, and buckets, are all available from Pescatech. For personal cleanliness, we also offer innovative automated products, including washbasins, boot washers, crate washers, and walk-through personnel-cleansing stations.




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